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About Lilly Catering & Events


Lilly Catering & Events is a full service Private, Social and Corporate Catering Company located in Jupiter, FL. We cater from Vero Beach to Miami and pride ourselves on being one of the few catering companies that offers a one-stop-shop for all of your Wedding catering, Corporate Catering and Special Event needs.  Our goal is to exceed expectations with each and every client interaction and constantly strive to raise the bar above the norm.  This philosophy pertains to our events, service, food quality and presentation.

What Makes Us Different

Our owner, Rodney Briguglio has been doing events in the South Florida area for the past 32 years.  As a former Associate Director of Meetings and Special Events for The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach & South Beach, he has been formally trained to give our clients 110% during each and every interaction and to ensure that each event be smooth and seamless.  This work ethic has been passed along to all employees of this company and we constantly reinvent what event planning is with each clients vision.  We believe in “thinking out of the box” and making our clients visions a reality. Customizing unique events is his specialty!  He Truly is a caterer that gives his clients the attention they deserve and has 30 years of success in his field.


We believe in helping everyone inside our area of expertise.  In doing so, we offer many services to our clientele which include:

  • Gourmet catering
  • Special event planning
  • Wedding Planning
  • Vendor Referral

Our variety of service and expertise in each of these event types allows us to better serve more local people.  Often times these work together.

  • 30+ Years of experience
  • Multi cultured event experiences
  • Ritz-Carlton trained
  • Personal contact with event manager and/or owner
  • Crew of professionally trained chef’s
  • Team behind the team
  • Consulting expertise in catering, wedding, and event planning
  • All in one event planning

Our Services

Gourmet Catering

Gourmet catering is our specialty!  This is the service that the Lilly was built on.  Our catering has brought a plethora of smiles and full bellies to the people of Jupiter over a series of years.  Our knowledge of different kinds of treats is vast and portrayed on our menus.  We serve each event fresh with a unique taste derived from each of you.  Our team is trained and prepared to cater the perfect dishes for you!

Special Event Planning

Special events is a broad term used for various types of events.  These events range from birthday parties, corporate parties, holiday parties, ground breaking events, church gatherings, and everything else one can think of.  We have several years of experience working with numerous different types of events and we love to work with each of you to build your own unique affair.

Wedding Planning

We strive to make your special day as coherent as possible!  When everything flows naturally behind the scenes, the main focus can be on you and your loved ones.  We love to do your wedding planning that way our workers are working hand in hand with the other parties involved to ensure everything is professionally handled.  This takes the stress off of your shoulders so you can focus on what matters, like if your hair is groomed properly.

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Vendor Referral

The vendors referred to you are met at our own standard.  These are professionals we have worked well with in the past, have excellent client reviews and ratings, and offer the highest quality services in their industry.  This is a crucial part to us helping plan any special event for your event should flow swiftly.  When we work with our preferred vendors, everything is on par with each other, from the food to the colors, and everyone cooperating as one team.

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HI, I'm Rodney!


Originally from The Hamptons, New York, Rodney is our leader, owner, and back bone of this company.  Most of our clients speak with Rodney directly so that he can get a clear understanding of what they want and how we can achieve that with you.  Although Rodney is originally from The Hamptons in New York, Jupiter has accepted him as one of our own for he has had a very meaningful impact on so many lives here.

Starting off as a greeter for the Ritz Carlton hotels, Rodney worked his way up to become a regional hospitality manager for the south east Ritz Carlton’s.  This lead him to take his first steps to creating Lilly Catering and serving the wonderful Jupiter, FL locals.

5-Star Service